But, why should every job pay enough to live on? The whole idea of a diverse economy is that there are many, many, many jobs on which you can make a living, and there are many jobs which are not intended — they’re at the bottom of the scale — they’re not jobs you’re supposed to be able to live on. … When you’re unskilled, you should not expect to be able to make a living off of your ordinary day’s labor.


Adrian Moore, Reason Magazine

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ready the guillotines

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If karma really wants to step up this asshole would die via brain contusion when some hardcover bit of Ayn Rand falls off a bookshelf onto his head.

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Yes, because opinions we disagree with should be rewarded with death.

#football season has officially started.


Are you on a Mac, iPhone, or iPod right now?

Thank someone who was pro-life.

Being Pro-choice doesn’t mean 100% abortion every time. For all we know his mother was pro-choice and then CHOSE to not have one.